Project Objectives

  • Create modern and efficient public finance management processes at all government levels, expressed in a more transparent use and savings of public resources of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Support the strengthening and developing of:
    • A stable, transparent and competitive public procurement system in the Republic of Serbia in accordance with EU standards.
    • Improved implementation of the public procurement strategic and policy framework for an effective and accountable public procurement system.

Project Beneficiaries

Efficient, close cooperation and coordination among these relevant institutions will contribute to smoother implementation of the Project’s activities.

Key Components

Strengthening and further development of the legal, strategic and institutional framework for public procurement aligned with the EU legislation

In focus:


  • New Law on Public Procurement (PPL) and by-laws based on PPL
  • Organizing Public Procurement Forum to share experience
  • Annual Action Plan for 2018
  • Strategy for Development of Public Procurement System for the period 2019 – 2023

Improving implementation of regulations in area of public procurement in practice

In focus:


  • Analytical activities
  • Assistance in preparing models of tender documents and models of framework agreement in alignment with PPL and related by-laws
  • Provision of recommendations for improvement functioning of PPO
  • Assessment of corruption risks in public procurement and promotion of anti-corruptive measures

Developing E-procurement platform

In focus:


  • Developing new Public Procurement Portal enabling conducting of fully electronic public procurement procedures in line with requirements of EU legislation
  • Study visit to EU Member State for the PPO employees
  • PPO website improvement
  • Providing guidelines and self-learning materials for the use of new e-procurement modules:
    • Public Procurement Portal
    • E-submission of bids
    • Dynamic purchasing system
    • E-catalogue

Strengthening capacities and professional skills of the Public Procurement Office staff and other relevant target groups

In focus:


  • Group and individual training activities, tailor-made modules for PPO staff
  • Recommendations for future education and production of training program for PPO staff
  • Preparation and design of manuals, guidelines and other educational and supporting materials