About the project

EU project Support for further improvement of Public Procurement System in Serbia provides technical assistance to the Public Procurement Office and other key-line institutions in charge of public procurement regulations and their enforcement and to enhance the capacity of the contracting authorities and companies in private sector. We are located at the Public Procurement Office, Gračanička 8, Belgrade, Serbia. You can contact us: https://eupodrska.ujn.gov.rs/kontakt/ or via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eu-podrska-daljem-unapredjenju-sistema-javnih-nabavki-u-republici-srbiji/


Data collection and processing

We do not collect your personal data. We use Google Analytics exclusively to collect anonymous user data, data about users’ movement and activities on our website. 

Collected data include information about websites you visit, and time spent on each of them. We use Google Analytics to learn more about anonymous demographic visitor data, but also about domains and providers from which traffic arrives to our website, which helps us define target group interested in our content.


Who has access to your personal data

We don’t have access to your personal data. Access to your personal data is not provided to any person engaged in our Project, nor to other organizations that cooperate with us. User data are processed by Google Company through Google Analytics tool installed on our website. We have access only to anonymous data about movement of users through our website.

EU project Support for further improvement of Public Procurement System in Serbia doesn’t use legitimate interest in advertising since we don’t have access to your personal data, and our campaigns aren’t based on your data. User data can be used only as part of LinkedIn campaigns if targeted by LinkedIn tools.

You can find more about LinkedIn privacy policy by clicking on the following link: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy.

We don’t keep your data in our database, and we don’t use technology for creating profiles and automatized decisions.


User rights

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