Webinar: Qualification system on the new Public Procurement Portal

On Thursday, 11 March 2021 a webinar for contracting entities and all interested was held on the topic of Qualification system on the new Public Procurement Portal. Webinar was organised by the Public Procurement Office and with the support of the Project.

Contracting entities may establish and operate system of qualification of economic operators. Qualification system is an open system where economic operators can apply to qualify at any time throughout its duration.

Duration of qualification system is not restricted, but it has to be determined by contracting entity in advance.

Within established qualification system, contracting entity may award contracts by applying second stage of restricted procedure, negotiated procedure etc. by inviting economic operators enrolled into the qualification system.

Representative of the Public Procurement Office Aleksandra Krivokapić in her introductory presentation acquainted the participants with the relevant legal provisions referring to the qualification system.

Furthermore, taking into account that new Public Procurement Law also enables contracting entities to use dynamic purchasing systems, the representative of the Project Teja Kolar presented to the participants similarities and differences between qualification system and dynamic purchasing system.

In second part of the webinar, the Project experts Dean Firkelj and Alena Detan presented on the practical example how the qualification system is established and operated on the Public Procurement Portal, from publication of the notice to the award of contract.

Hopefully, the information presented on the webinar will help contracting entities in the use of qualification systems.

Recording of the webinar is available on the following links:

Qualification system – Part I (only in Serbian)

Qualification system – Part II (only in Serbian)

Materials related to this workshop are available for download here:


Presentation 1 (only in Serbian)

Presentation 2 (only in Serbian)